Auto Repair Tips: Driving In The First Rain Of The Season

There is a 90% chance of El Nino coming to Southern California this year. Bertino Auto Repair in Rancho Cucamonga has compiled some tips for driving safely once the first rain hits…

Roughly 50% of all weather-related automobile accidents (over 700,000 a year) can be blamed on rain. Rain makes the roads slippery and can be a hazard to drivers. As winters rainy weather is on the verge, it’s imperative that every one gets there tires checked regularly. Safely maneuver your vehicle to avoid accidents.

Tips From Auto Repair Mechanics For Driving Your Car In The Rain

Exercise caution once rain follows hot dry spells. This time of year can lead to the most dangerous conditions. Engine oil and grease build-up on roads over time, and once combined with precipitation, it gets dangerous. Road conditions definitely improve after the rain but you still have to exercise caution once driving within the rain. Slow down. Wet roads cause tires to lose traction and vehicles become tougher to handle. Avoid standing water on roadways. Not solely are you able to hydroplane but you will impair your vision and different drivers’ visibility by splashing through puddles. Standing water typically shields potholes and ruts which could lead to an accident.


Increase your distance between the car ahead of you. Slick roads, wet brakes and reduced visibility will cause collisions. If your automobile begins to hydroplane, don’t brake or flip the wheel in panic as this could cause your vehicle to start spinning. Release the gas pedal and keep the wheel straight until you regain traction. Brake gently if required. It will cause your automobile to accelerate once hydroplaning and reduces driver attentiveness. Grip the wheel with each hands to maximize vehicle management.

This also implies taking a break from your phone. Texting is prohibited in thirty five states. Doing your makeup, digging in your purse or anything that takes your hands off the wheel can lead to a major accident.

More Auto Repair Tips Driving In The First Rain Of The Season

Winter cold will usually require new windshield wipers. Have us check them or inspect them for cracks. Defog your windows. If it’s cold out use the front and rear defrosters to maximize visibility. Employing these safe driving techniques will save your life.



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