Bertino Auto Repair Rancho Cucamonga On The Hover Car


It’s time for a short break from our regular auto repair blogging to bring you this awesome concept! Here is the video:

Bertino Auto Repair Rancho Cucamonga On The Hover Car

For many years, Volkswagen has been a widely recognized brand. Whether you like their vehicles or not, chances are, you know the make of at least one Volkswagen car. Their vehicles have been strategically placed in many blockbuster movies and their advertising is outstanding. In order to get some new ideas directly from the consumer pool, Volkswagen created the brainchild technique called the People’s Car Project, where residents of a specific geographical area (for the People’s Car Project, China was selected) submitted ideas for future methods of transportation that may one day be produced by Volkswagen. With entries for PCP almost reaching 120,000, the People’s Car Project was exceedingly popular. The campaign did well enough to bring in ideas like Smart Key, where your phone controls the vehicle and the Music Car, a vehicle that reacts to the music that is being played by the driver. And how could we fail to mention the hovercar that was entered in to the PCP a few years ago? This incredible concept wound up with a prize in the contest, which is covered in more detail below. Not only that but because of the love from consumers/contributors of the People’s Car Project, the Volkswagen company decided that they will continue to host the project indefinitely.

Auto Repair Rancho CucamongaThe hovercar concept was so impressive to VW that they created a commercial for it, available on YouTube. The commercial for the car wasn’t released anywhere other than China so the video is in Chinese but can be easily found with English subtitles by looking a little bit. To start off, the commercial shows a man standing in the center of the frame, explaining a bit about PCP and the hovercar. He sends positive words to the designer of the concept, saying congratulations for winning and coming up with the design and when the camera angel widens to show the whole picture, the man is standing next to a computer generated image of the conceptual “hovercar”. The man introduces the designers parents to the viewers, and asks if they would like to take this incredible new vehicle for a test drive. Without a moment of hesitation, the parents volunteer to take the hovercar for a spin and the interesting two-seater vehicle is shown scooting around the streets, drawing intrigued looks from everyone it zooms by.

The workings of the hovercar would include magnetic strips being put in to the roads so that the opposite strips on the vehicle would react with them, allowing the car to basically levitate in areas where these reactive strips had been placed. But with no gasoline requirements, the car would be 100% electric, not only making them a beautifully constructed concept but a green option for the future of transportation. With many people running in to extremely annoying problems with traffic lately, not to mention the obnoxious (and unnecessary) cost of gasoline, a concept such as the hovercar would be an amazing help to those consumers who live in areas where there is a heavy concentration of human life, reducing the amount of traffic as well as toxic emissions.

Will our auto repair mechanics be working on these anytime soon?

Even though you can’t yet head to the dealership and purchase yourself a hovercar just yet, there is a strong possibility that the cars will make an appearance in the market sometime within the next few years. The positive attributes of the concept cover everything from going green to saving the consumer money.

“In a long-term context, the findings of the ‘People‘s Car Project’ will influence Volkswagen’s product strategy,”

says Luca de Meo, the Director of Marketing at Volkswagen.

“We are no longer just building cars for, but also with customers and at the same time initiating a national dialog which gives us a deep insight into the design preferences, needs and requirements of Chinese customers.”

Being a heavily populated and traveled area, China would be the perfect place to test out a vehicle like the hovercar. Marketing experts with Volkswagen would have the ability to study how the car did in such a high volume area in numerous different ways. Battery life, ecological effects, customer satisfaction, and their overall function could be looked over and studied for improvement.

Seeing as how the vehicle would be powered by electricity, the hovercar design would possess the potential to gather energy from the sun, producing even more of a benefit for people who had one. By simply just using the vehicle to drive around, the car would charge the solar powered battery within, meaning that the human consumer would no longer have to depend on resources such as gasoline or other potentially pollution-ridden substances. The high quality vehicle of the modern day, eco-friendly consumer would no longer pollute the air and would run off of the naturally occurring sun. Considering the human population increases drastically every single day, technological leaps such as the hovercar are worthy investments in order to help reduce pollution and high traffic in highly populated areas of the world.

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How Often Should I Get An Engine Tune Up?


How Often Should I Get An Engine Tune Up?

In today’s cars the need for an engine tune up has been greatly reduced. On most cars the Spark Plugs, spark plug cables, Fuel Filters, Air Filters and Positive Ventilation Valves (PCV Valve). There are plenty of parts that need adjusting and dialing in every once in a while.


After summer we have a lot of carburetors, condensers, distributors with distributor caps & rotors. These allrequired replacement parts and readjusting. In our cars these days, the computer of the vehicle controls the valves, ignition and fuel delivery. Malfunctions on a vehicle will be hard to see to anyone but amechanic. How often should I get an engine tune-up is a great question for the average person.

On today’s cars it’s best to perform a tune-up by mileage and how hard you drive your car. The vehicle’s manufacturer has mileage intervals for replacement of those components and alternative maintenance services. The basic engine tune-up is designed to be performed preventatively in order that the componentsdon’t fail before replacement. Some common mileage intervals and maintenance suggested is as follows:

Every 3,000 miles:

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Oil change and filter service

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Inspect filter – replace as required

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Check and replenish all fluids

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Check your tire pressure (fill as needed)

Every 7,500 miles:

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace windshield wipers

Every 15,000 miles:

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace filter

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace cabin filter

Every 30,000 miles:

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace transmission system fluid

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace transmission system filter

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Flush cooling system

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace spark plugs

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Fuel Injection service

Every 50,000 miles:

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace fluids for:

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Differentials

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Manual transmission

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Transfer case

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Power steering

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Brakes

Every 60,000 miles:

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace pcv valve

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Spark Plugs

services auto repair rancho cuamonga Replace old wires and tubing

More About Engine Tune Ups

The consequences of not getting a tune up regularly will be lack of performanceand engine problems. If the tune up components, just like the spark plugs get worn it will cause the vehicle to misfire and might cause a engine starting issue. These conditions will cause your exhaust system to go bad as well. If your vehicle has an inline filter it will get obstructed over time and might cause fuel pump failure.

So, we tend to suggest following your manufacturer’s specifications on engine tune-ups and vehicle maintenance. This can greatly add longevity to the lifetime of your vehicle. If you’ve got any queries or comments feel free to call Bertino Automotive at (909) 949-0401.

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Auto Repair Tips: Driving In The First Rain Of The Season

There is a 90% chance of El Nino coming to Southern California this year. Bertino Auto Repair in Rancho Cucamonga has compiled some tips for driving safely once the first rain hits…

Roughly 50% of all weather-related automobile accidents (over 700,000 a year) can be blamed on rain. Rain makes the roads slippery and can be a hazard to drivers. As winters rainy weather is on the verge, it’s imperative that every one gets there tires checked regularly. Safely maneuver your vehicle to avoid accidents.

Tips From Auto Repair Mechanics For Driving Your Car In The Rain

Exercise caution once rain follows hot dry spells. This time of year can lead to the most dangerous conditions. Engine oil and grease build-up on roads over time, and once combined with precipitation, it gets dangerous. Road conditions definitely improve after the rain but you still have to exercise caution once driving within the rain. Slow down. Wet roads cause tires to lose traction and vehicles become tougher to handle. Avoid standing water on roadways. Not solely are you able to hydroplane but you will impair your vision and different drivers’ visibility by splashing through puddles. Standing water typically shields potholes and ruts which could lead to an accident.


Increase your distance between the car ahead of you. Slick roads, wet brakes and reduced visibility will cause collisions. If your automobile begins to hydroplane, don’t brake or flip the wheel in panic as this could cause your vehicle to start spinning. Release the gas pedal and keep the wheel straight until you regain traction. Brake gently if required. It will cause your automobile to accelerate once hydroplaning and reduces driver attentiveness. Grip the wheel with each hands to maximize vehicle management.

This also implies taking a break from your phone. Texting is prohibited in thirty five states. Doing your makeup, digging in your purse or anything that takes your hands off the wheel can lead to a major accident.

More Auto Repair Tips Driving In The First Rain Of The Season

Winter cold will usually require new windshield wipers. Have us check them or inspect them for cracks. Defog your windows. If it’s cold out use the front and rear defrosters to maximize visibility. Employing these safe driving techniques will save your life.



Honest Auto Repair Rancho Cucamonga Ca

bertino auto repair rancho cucamonga

Bertino Automotive Repair prides ourselves on honest and fair service for over 90 years. We are still in business because of our loyal customers. Auto repair mechanic is probably one of the least honest professions in California. Luckily, you’ve found us and boosted your odds of choosing an honest mechanic specializing in all auto repairs.

Honest Auto Repair Mechanics Rancho Cucamonga Ca

Choose an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence repair facility like Bertino Automotive. Certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) may be an indication of an expert auto repair shop. Any mechanic shop that carries this designation has passed the past 5 year schooling and studied hard to become a mechanic. Having ASE certification for brakes doesn’t make sure that a mechanic is certified in engine or transmission repairs.
ase_bluesealWhat to do: Ask whether or not the mechanic has earned the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. Look for longevity. It’s an honest sign if a store has been around for a minimum of 5 years. Bertino Automotive Service has been in business since 1924 standing the test of time. Search for the opinions of different shoppers on the web. Websites like offer client reviews of Rancho Cucamonga businesses, together with auto-repair facilities. See our reviews on Yelp here.

Some auto repair shops post fake reviews on their shop to trick shoppers. Some negative reviews regarding auto-repair facilities are bad but you never see them — do your research and make sure your mechanic is legit. There is a massive number of reviews with a positive or negative trend. Take these reviews seriously and do your research…


Finding An Honest Auto Repair Shop Like Bertino Automotive Service:

Call a auto repair shop that doesn’t handle cars like yours for an honest mechanic referral. Mechanics that focus on Ford trucks won’t be equipped to repair your German car. Pick an auto repair mechanic that you can trust. If a repair shop can’t get you in the same day that usually means they are a popular shop. Make sure you get an accurate estimate with no hidden fees before they start the job. We will always call you and let you know the pricing before we do the work. Dishonest mechanics tend to inflate bills by recommending pricey, unnecessary repairs. Have routine maintenance performed by Bertino Automotive repair facility. A full-service repair facility may charge you an arm and a leg for additional for unnecessary car care or brake pad replacement when you don’t really need it. Routinely visiting a repair shop for maintenance makes you a loyal customer. We have the pleasure of servicing 1,000’s of loyal customers that have trusted us for years! We treat all our customers fairly and make sure they get honest service every visit.

Why Choose Honest Auto Repair Mechanics Rancho Cucamonga Ca?

Stay away from repair facilities that push unnecessary add-on procedures. If a store recommends an engine flush or transmission flush, these are bad signs. Engine oil and transmission fluid ought to be flushed according to the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Be cautious of repair shops that insist tire alignment is mechanically needed once brake work is completed. Typically tire alignment is required, however not perpetually. If a mechanic pressures you to comply with alignment beforehand, head for the door before they start the service. Stay away from repair facilities that fail to advocate smart add-on procedures. Try multiple auto-maintenance to find the most honest one. To determine if further procedures are acceptable feel free to give us a call and ask us.

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