Complete Engine Repair


Complete Engine Repair: Choose Bertino Automotive

Your car’s engine is a multipart machine that is composed of moving parts. At the end of the day, a number of these parts tire out and need service. Our reliable auto repair shop offers a complete line of services, which take account of full engine repair in order keep your car or truck working like the first moment it was bought. Is your car running bumpy or has poor fuel cutback you want to test the engine performance. Worry no more as Bertino Automotive Service is here to address all these concerns.

Utilizing the most up-to-date computer procedures and diagnostics, a skilled and ASE certified auto technician could diagnose and fix your problem fast. From minor tune up to complicated engine repairs, we will help you maximize your engine and keep it working. We can also help you meet the terms with your manufacturer’s scheduled checkups with many services such as oil & filter changes, fluid exchanges as well as the checkup of your engine parts.

vehicle warranty 2 Years / 24,000 Mile Parts & Labor

Engine Efficiency

When a car’s engine is well maintained, it could run for miles in the 6 digit range. So, how do you make sure utmost engine performance as well as engine efficiency? This is through investing in daily maintenance and engine inspections. You can contact Bertino Automotive professional full engine repair service center at (909) 949-0401.

Engine Repair

Your car’s engine has different needs and these could be determined by several factors which include past use, driving conditions and how you car has been maintained. Look for professionals with many years of experience in this field to give the full engine repair service you want so as to get your engine working at it’s best.

Why Choose Bertino Automotive Service?

It doesn’t matter if you want a simple cylinder head repair, valve job or full engine rebuild as performing it all in one place could help you save a huge amount of money in the long run. The task is all done in our auto repair shop, not only saving you a significant amount of money, but also allowing our experts to totally control the process of rebuilding and keeping the quality of work at its best. Our machinists and mechanics are well-trained specialists who pride themselves in the superior quality of work and level of service they provide to their clients. If you want full engine repair for your truck or car, come see these experts. They will handle the job expertly.

In general, once you take good care of your auto and continue all the suggested maintenance, you will get powerful engine performance, fuel efficiency as well as longevity. Visit us now for your full engine repair needs. Your car or truck will be repaired right and on time.

Don’t think twice to go to a honest, reliable full engine repair service provider at the first warning of engine issues. If you are experiencing unusual engine sounds such as engine clicking, tapping and knocking or engine stalls, bring it in and expert mechanics will know what is happening under the hood. Keep your car’s engine efficiency and performance strong through taking good care of engine issues right away.



2 thoughts on “Complete Engine Repair

  1. Carlos says:

    thank you for responding i did find the thetaosrmt location and replaced it althought the one i removed was still working i,m still having the same problem the engine heats up but when i switch on the fan the tempiture drops or if i,m travaling on the motor way the same thing happens i,m at a loss as to what might be causing this any advise???

    • bertino says:

      Hey Carlos,
      Sounds like a simple auto repair. Please call us at (909) 949-0401. We are located in Rancho Cucamonga.

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